Costa Rica is a great destination for a wedding ceremony. It has lots of stunning seashores, rainforests, volcanoes, and nationwide park systems to choose from. Furthermore, Costa Rica is well know for its rich culture and traditions which make for exquisite weddings.

Costa Rican wedding traditions are a wonderful way to bring your family with each other for a truly memorable celebration. They are often Christian, and they include a wide variety of customs which will choose a wedding day truly feel unique to you.

Pre-Wedding Traditions

Before the big day, a Costa Rican couple may maintain a “boda de paja” (a party to prepare adornments for their wedding party venue). This is a time for family and friends to gather and create colorful paper garlands or intricate styles made of plants.

Marriage Attire and Accessories

In Costa Rica, the bride and groom wear common white wedding dresses and tuxedos. Also, they are surrounded by family group and friends that attend the case wearing their finest attire.

Wedding Favors

The wedding is known as a time for the groom and bride to show their admiration to their guests. A single popular approach to do this through gifting their particular wedding guests with amazing wedding mementos.

Recessional Toss

While the wedding few leaves their very own venue, guests will throw something at these people as a way of saying good luck on their behalf. The traditional item placed is usually grain, but other grains are sometimes used.

Music and Food

Costa Rican couples celebrate with a huge get together after the wedding ceremony. A Spanish strap plays meet women in costa rica during the wedding, and a lot of foodstuff is dished up. Casados (traditional dishes of meat or seafood along with rice, espresso beans, and area salads) are well-known.

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